Our cuisine

follows the rhythm of the seasons

Respect for nature and love of the land are the main ingredients in our recipes, mindful of regional traditions,
enriched with a pinch of imagination.

We know how to excite

your taste buds

The new management offers tasty recipes from the local culinary culture, straddling traditions from Piemonte
and Liguria, also expressing itself in dishes part of the typical “Cucina Bianca” (White Cuisine).
Respect for nature, love, knowledge, in some cases even our own self-sourced products are the key ingredients
in our food.
Every single dish is homemade and prepared with natural materials from the area: fragrant bread, fresh pasta,
local cheeses, verified and safely sourced meats, honey and preserves.
In addition, greens and vegetables from nearby farms, among which in the fall is worth to mention the Caprauna
Turnip, recognized product by the SlowFood association.

The view
is our best
“side dish”

It's easier to make it ourselves

Than to bring it all the way up here...

And it’s tastier, too

We also serve boards of mixed cheeses and cold cuts, paired with the taste of our dishes such as fluffy cakes
or tarts.
During the month of October, we are excited to let you try recipes made with the Caprauna Turnip, a really
special species of turnip that grows only in our fields, recognized by the Slow Food association.
We’ve got plenty of options available for different dietary needs, so please make sure to mention it when
making your reservation.

The recipes of the Rifugio

In your own kitchen