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We host families, sports enthusiasts, schools and summer care groups. Thanks to the collaboration with educators and various wildlife and mountain guides, we are able to offer activities suited to all ages and skill levels.

Discover nature while having fun

in an rich and unique environment in quality and variety

Groups, schools or lone-wolves can discover and appreciate the many floristic and faunal species that inhabit the surrounding environment, unique in quality and variety, choosing between a wide range of ways: on foot or by bike, on vertical walls or following streams.

We host tourists, athletes, schools and summer camps; we serve as a home base for the studies of graduate students and researchers. In addition, thanks to collaborations with wildlife guides, mountain guides and youth educators, we offer activities for all ages and inclinations.

Alpine greenery,
limestone rocks and wilderness,
preserved through time
A beautiful butterfly. Mild climate, uncontaminated nature and biodiversity: this is Val Pennavaira

The Pennavaire Valley

one of the most wild valleys in Liguria

Rocky cliffs interchange with the Mediterranean scrub where the Ligurian Alps nearly reach the coast. The proximity between the “early” Alps and the Ligurian Riviera generates peculiar landscapes: the trails cross alpine pastures, while the viewer’s gaze wanders in the distance over the sea.

The Mediterranean climate gives mild winters and cool, pleasant summers. Near the coast, the valley has terracing farms planted with olive trees and wild broom; higher up, alpine vegetation takes over, with soaring pines reaching for the sky, rhododendrons and edelweiss, as well as a variety of flowers unique in the world. The Ligurian Alps are a karstic region, home to more than 1,500 caves, a true caving paradise.

Day trips and hikes

Stage of the Alta Via of Ligurian Alps

The Pennavaire Valley is characterized by ancient limestone rocks and wilderness, which, over time, has been preserved thanks to a very minimal impact on the environment. 

The green plateaus and forests plummet into steep cliffs or caves; from the paths you can admire wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea, which ensures a quite mild climate, Pian dell’Arma is on the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, our facility is a support base for the eighth and ninth stages of this unique route and is the departure point for numerous day trips.

Selected routes to be hiked individually or accompanied by experienced guides, combining the desire to explore and fitness.

If you want to take a look at the hikes that can be taken, you can get an overview on these websites:

The AVML stage by stage on the CAI website

Online guide of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri

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