Balconata di Ormea

Technical data

and itinerary

Start pointFraction Eca
Arrival pointViozene district
Length about40 km
Degree of difficultyfor average hikers
Height difference+1,670 / -1,281 m
Recommended periodSpring and Autumn
The stages of the Balconata di Ormea trekking trail


Balconata di Ormea, born in 1999 within the local section of the CAI, develops between the hamlets of Eca, the easternmost of the numerous villages in the valley in the municipality of Ormea, and the hamlet of Viozene. The route winds through the territory of nine hamlets, permanently inhabited by a handful of residents, and touches no less than twenty-four hamlets, some of which come alive in the summer months thanks to tourism or other activities. Others are now abandoned, but retain an aura of charm and history intact.

Balconata di Ormea has a length of about 40 km and runs along the orographic left side of the valley of the municipality of Ormea at an average altitude of 1,200m.
It is divided into five steps plus the step known as the “high variant”, which can be covered as an alternative to the third step. It is an itinerary suitable for everyone, without significant difficulties.
The altitudes range from approximately 850 meters of Eca to 1,500 meters of the chapel of San Giovanni Battista in La Colma.
The route winds along a dense network of paths and mule tracks, which allow the various stages to be merged, divided, lengthened, shortened or modified as desired.
The altitude, southern exposure and proximity to the sea make Balconata di Ormea an ideal route to tackle in spring and autumn.

During the itinerary, the hiker follows an intricate network of mule tracks bordered by very long stone walls and on which numerous votive pillars meet.
The landscape is very varied and is characterized by terraces supported by dry stone walls, splendid chestnut groves, squeegees for the production of “white” chestnuts, canals for irrigation of the fields and much more.
An ideal route for people who enjoy discovering, searching, rejoicing in front of natural and human documents that describe an area of the Ligurian Alps very well, and who walk paying attention to everything around them.

Source: Municipality of Ormea

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