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via Pian dell'Arma, 12070 Caprauna, Italia

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Animals who have marked this region's history: here you can get in touch with them!

Expert guides have chosen trails that combine exploration and various grade of fitness.

We have one of the most intriguing cliff of Liguria, and it is open even in Winter!

On the trail of Alta Via Stage Race, with so many different landscapes. An adverture for the finest eyes.

Fitness for health and shape, to become strong and gorgeous like the Pennavaire Valley.

Every adventure needs a quiet shelter, friendly with people, animals and... wallets :D


For classes, teams or single travelers, walking or biking, on cliffs or water courses, following the peculiar endemic fauna and flora, unique in Italy and for some species even in Europe and World. Always guided by qualificated staff. The Shelter hosts and is the base for activities for novices and expertswe have hosted simple tourists, or we have hosted some talented resarchers!