Caprauna (Cravaun-a in Piedmontese and in Ligurian) is a small village located on the border of two regions, Liguria and Piedmont, at the apex of the Pennavaire Valley and facing away from the city of Albenga.

Situated at almost 1000 meters above sea level but with the unique feature of overlooking the sea. The area where this small village is located is rich in caves and caverns. The caves are still visible throughout the valley, from 1500 meters above sea level down to the lower villages. These caves have revealed human habitation dating from the Upper Paleolithic to the Roman era.

Another characteristic of this magical place is that it hosts the Slow Food Presidium of the Yellow-Fleshed White Turnip. This vegetable has a sweet and pleasant taste that distinguishes it from all other turnips.

A few steps from the village square, you will find the largest Mosaic-Mural in Europe, depicting the agricultural life of the village of Caprauna. The village comprises a nucleus of old traditional stone houses, nestled against each other in transversal groups, separated by narrow streets.

Giulia's Advice

Pian dell'Arma Refuge is located in Caprauna in the Pennavaire Valley in the Maritime-Ligurian Alps

Caprauna is located in the province of Cuneo, 6 km from the Pian dell’Arma Refuge

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