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via Pian dell'Arma, 12070 Caprauna, Italia

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Trekking and Baby Trekking

Pian dell'Arma Shelter is a stage of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, the alpine trail, and others trails.

The limestone rocks alternate with the mediterraean scrub, the wilds alternate with steep terracing. Karst caves and cliffs frame to vast lanscapes that survived civilization or never saw it.
From Pian dell'Arma Shelter you can reach Monte Armetta (1739 mt), and from its peak you can admire all the Maritime Alps, or on the Alta Via you can find 
the Rock Giants of Mount Galero, or even explore the Ancient Salt Way, that climbs up the valley and hosts many historic chapels.


Baby Trekking
Itineraries start from the Shelter, fit for any levels, goals, or age: we have qualified instructors even for little pests or youngsters. The valley is rather steep, but there are trails for the contemplative or competitive ones!

Take your boots, and the Shelter's Crew will wait for you with a big smile and a big glass of good vine or juice!