Primary and Elementary

Standard Day and Activities 15€ per person, 2 adults every 15 partecipants are free

Warm up games will blend the classmates between themselves, with the staff and the environment, getting ready to one of the trails of the Baby Trekking.

After a lunch break there will be an atfernoon activity, like "The Bunglers!" or another. This need to be well planned in advance, between staff and teachers.

We recommend sportswear, windbreaker, boots and a cool backpack!

With the Environmental Educator

The focus will be on envinronmental education and training in sensorial perception, to improve exploration and relation with the surrounding environment and with themselves. Ludic and recreational activities will motivate children to be curious and inventive, respecting nature, themselves and other people.

Our staff is specialized in activities for children between the ages of 4 and 11, to create a free and protected space in which kids will be able to play, experiment, try and fail without judgement: we listen to the children. They are little strange funny wise people :D