One of the wildest valley of Liguria, due to its steepness. It connect ovest with the est, and Pennavaire Valley connects the Alpi mountains with the Mediterranean. So the region is featured by super variuos landscapes and quite high season changing, like a brief and heavy snowfalls in Winter or quite warm summers. All this results in a very richness of endemic and peculiar fauna and flora.

The lower levels have a mediterranean climate (with olive trees, gorse and downy, for example), while in higher levels, like the ones where the Shelter is based, there is an alpine climate (rhododendron and alpine star, for example).

Alpi Liguri are a carsic mountain range at high heights, with more than 1500 caves, like other italians more famous carsic region! This phenomenon is very featuring this mountains, originated by rains whose carbon dioxide flow between the carbon rocks and melts calcium carbonate, who is aboundant in the mountaing range. The calcium carbonate is trasformed by rain in calcium bicarbonate who flow away, living the characteristic caves.

Pennavaire Valley

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