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All photos not accredited are by Claudio Zanardi

337 108 3410 - rifugio@leterrebianche.it

via Pian dell'Arma, 12070 Caprauna, Italia

... in the natural gym of Pennavaire Valley

Nordic Walking is for all levels, goals and months of year, and it is an easy but effective fitness, a very cheap and fun way to live an healthy life: Nordic Walking can be done anywhere, if an instructor had teached you the basis of this sport. And we have some qualified instructor ;D And But we don't have an anywhere place to practice T^T

Because here it isn't "anywhere": Pennavaire Valley is the perfect gym! Easy or steep trails, long or short, with so much different and gorgeous landscapes: here, Nordic Walking can even refreshen the spirit at the best.

An healthy and nice work out...

Born in scandinavian countries like cross country skiing summer training. Pian dell'Arma Shelter is a real school of Nordic Walking, and Pennavaire Valley is a perfect gym, thanks to the differences between grounds and trails.

Nordic Walking involves almost all the muscles, increasing energetic expenditure and weight loss, and so it is a great fitness ad real cardio and muscolar training! And even loose muscolar contraction for a better posture. Retard aging and strenghten the immune system. Sticks are not used like support, but it is designed for pushing forward the walk, with peculiar gloves.

Nordic Walking School