All the things you will not find in cities are here!

Where the real challenge starts, a not so basic adventure :D

Here you will face Mother Nature herself.

Nature School

Not only for schools, but for anyone who wants to discover and learn about nature! We have the botanical garden, an herder who is happy to teach how to make cheese, and very near ther is a cave, an astronomical observatory next to one of the most versatile natural walls for rock climbing. And obviously a lot of hiking trails for walkers or bikers, connect to the storyful and inspirational Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.

And for children?

All the previous activities can be adapted to your little pests, and for the urban ones we thought special experiences: build maquettes with leaves and other woody things; use the 5 senses in nature; listen to legends about the mountains; meet and have seminars about the endemic fauna and flora! And finally how about writing all these things in a fantastic adventurer journal? Oh, yes, there it is: the classroom here are always fun and requested by children themselves.

And for grown ups?

Learning is neverending, and so Nature School is challenging for anyone: all our activities can be Nature School, if requested by the bravest: from cooking to Orienteering, from nocturnal hiking to live action role playing!