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via Pian dell'Arma, 12070 Caprauna, Italia

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Near Pian dell'Arma Shelter there is the Rocca dell’Arma cliff, made of thick limestone.

The first split was done in 1990, and gave birth to the "Silvana Plate" and the Main SectorIt goes without saying that with such smooth walls, where you will be astonished by the adherence of the rocks.


In time various trails were created in many sectors: for example the Red Walls are studded, and the Pian dell'Arma Shelter is situated very near to one of the nicest cliffs in the region, loved by vertical climbers.
Thanks to the work done, this rock gym fit every age and experience with its complete set of tracks, and our affiliated instructors can help to find the right one for you.

In winter the weather is harsh (note: harsh for an italian. Maybe for other europeans the right adjective is... stiff?), but the cliffs are facing south and with the right equipment it is possible to climb during the cold season too!